14 Apr

What’s Your Exit Strategy?

Do you have an exit strategy in place to address the unexpected when it comes to an IT failure? What is you exit strategy in case of a fire, flood or natural catastrophe? What if your computer crashes tomorrow morning or a virus wipes out all data?

14 Apr

What is an IT Consultant?… And how can one help me?

Place simply, an IT consultant is someone who helps you figure out how to boost sales and productivity through technology and communications. To do this, they question the questions you never thought to question, from the most basic to the more complex: “Do you need a T1 line for high speed Internetwhen all you want is […]

14 Apr
Cloud Security

How Secure is YOUR Data in the Cloud?

New Jersey Near Sold Secret Data By RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA Published: March 9, 2011 Files on abused children. Employee evaluations. Tax returns. A list of computer passwords. Names, addresses, birth dates and other information on hundreds of foster children and abused children. And, of course, Social Security numbers. The information could hardly have been more sensitive […]

9 Apr

Clean Cabling, Why it’s Important to Have.

Initially, question yourself if you can meet the expense of to be out of service? Regardless of if you can or if you can’t, like most of us, then you need to ensure the job was done right the first time. Ancient cables or terrible jobs can cause your networks to run slow, and even […]